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Ducted Central Heat Pump -30

The main source of heating for Canadian households

Slow down global warming with energy-efficient heating.

Canada’s cold climate means that space heating accounts for a remarkable 61% of the energy used in the average Canadian home. In commercial and institutional settings, space heating accounts for 56% of energy consumption.

The challenge of heat pumps has long been their efficiency at low outdoor temperatures. To meet this challenge, the GREE has developed patented core technologies, which include:

– Two-stage low temperature compressor

– Complete 3-CD inverter

– Digital PFC control without bridge

These allow Gree heat pumps to heat and cool in extreme climates,  -30 ⁰C for heating46 ⁰C for cooling, helping Canadians save up to 70% energy compared to conventional electric heating systems.


36000 BTU

48000 BTU

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