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Master Sweep® Square Wire Chimney Brush with TLC by Rutland


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Rutland Wizard System® Professional Products stand up to the rugged demands of Chimney Sweeps! Using Our RUTLAND Master Sweep® Square Wire Chimney Brush powerful Enough to remove soot and creosote from even hard to Reach Chimney, Smoke Chamber, and duct areas thoroughly.

RUTLAND Master Sweep® Square Wire Chimney Brush with Torque Lock Connector (TLC) is the premier chimney cleaning brush that sets the industry standard. This long-lasting professional brush withstands the demanding use of busy chimney sweeps, cleans chimneys more thoroughly, and outlasts all others. A heavy-duty, double-spiral, 0.177″ diameter spindle design and 7″ of fill (two-on-two, high-density, oil-tempered, 22-gauge wire bristles), creating uniform rugged bristle distribution. Use with RUTLAND Torque Lock Connector (TLC) Rods.

Standard Features

  • Available in seven (7) sizes:  6″, 7″, 8″, 9″, 11″, 12″, 14″

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