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Napoleon BBQ

Transform Your Outdoor Kitchen with Napoleon BBQs

The Belleflamme Group is your expert in outdoor kitchen solutions, offering a wide range of Napoleon BBQs and grills. Our products are designed to satisfy grilling enthusiasts with their exceptional performance and durability. Available in our BBQ stores in Laval, Montreal, Saint-Sauveur and Gatineau.

BBQ and Gas Grills Napoleon

Napoleon gas BBQs and grills are perfect for those seeking convenience and control. With quick ignitions and precise temperature settings, these models make it easy to cook your food to perfection. The variety of sizes and features, like infrared burners and built-in rotisseries, ensure a grilling experience to suit every need.

Napoleon Charcoal Barbecues and Grills

For purists, our Napoleon charcoal barbecues and grills offer the authentic taste of traditional grilling. These BBQs are designed for optimal temperature control and adjustable ventilation, allowing perfect control over slow cooking and smoking.

Napoleon Built-in BBQ and Grills

Napoleon built-in BBQs and grills are the ideal solution for personalized outdoor kitchens. Integrable into any outdoor layout, these grills offer a sleek aesthetic and high-level performance, perfect for those who want a permanent and stylish cooking solution.

Professional Installation by Le Groupe Belleflamme

At Groupe Belleflamme, we don’t just sell BBQs; we also offer professional installation and comprehensive after-sales service to ensure that every customer gets the most out of their investment.

Visit our showroom or contact us to discover how Napoleon BBQs can revolutionize your grilling experience. At Le Groupe Belleflamme, we are dedicated to transforming your outdoor encounters into unforgettable moments. Available in our BBQ stores in Laval, Montreal, Saint-Sauveur and Gatineau.