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Pacific Energy

Pacific Energy Stoves and Fireplaces Sold and Installed by the Belleflamme Group

Pacific Energy: Excellence in Wood and Gas Heating

Pacific Energy, a renowned Canadian company, has established itself as a leader in the field of wood and gas heating. For 40 years, it has been committed to providing clean, efficient and environmentally friendly heating solutions. Here’s why their products are a wise choice for comfort and performance enthusiasts:

1. Innovation and Sustainability

Pacific Energy was one of the first EPA patented in 2020. Their advanced technologies do not require a catalyst, ensuring clean combustion and ease of use. Their commitment to the environment translates into sustainable and energy-efficient products.

2. A Complete Range

Their products include wood stoves, fireplace inserts and wood fireplaces. Whether you are looking to warm up your living room or create a warm ambiance in your home, Pacific Energy has the solution to suit your needs.

3. The Belleflamme Group: Your Trusted Partner

The Belleflamme Group is proud to offer Pacific Energy products to its customers. As heating experts, they provide professional installation and quality after-sales service. Here is what you can expect from Groupe Belleflamme:

Personalized Advice: Belleflamme Group experts will guide you in choosing these stoves or fireplaces suited to your space and your preferences.

Professional Installation: Their qualified team installs your device with precision, guaranteeing optimal and secure use.

Maintenance and Repairs: The Belleflamme Group provides regular maintenance and repairs if necessary, thus extending the life of your equipment.

By picking Pacific Energy and trusting the Belleflamme Group, you are opting for quality, performance, and respect for the environment. Enjoy efficient and elegant heating in your home!

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