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True North

True North gas stoves, sold and installed by BelleFlamme Group, offer performance and longevity. As experts in sales and installation of fireplaces, BelleFlamme provides these reliable and efficient stoves. Thus, choosing BelleFlamme for a True North stove ensures quality and professional service.

Opting for a True North gas stove means selecting a dependable and economical heat source. BelleFlamme ensures precise installation, designed to optimize your comfort. Moreover, the sturdiness of True North products is complemented by a design adaptable to any interior.

Indeed, the collaboration between True North and BelleFlamme results in exceptional heating solutions. This is evidenced by gas stove installations that are both aesthetic and functional. Additionally, BelleFlamme’s customer service is responsive and attentive to users’ needs.

Thus, by choosing BelleFlamme, you receive specialist support for your stove. Each project is handled with the expertise and commitment necessary for a flawless result. Furthermore, post-installation assistance is a priority for BelleFlamme.

As a result, BelleFlamme’s reputation for selling and installing stoves is robust. Their passion for excellence is evident in every project. Lastly, for a gas stove, BelleFlamme is synonymous with experience and reliability.

In summary, BelleFlamme Group is the premier choice for acquiring a stove. In conclusion, their technical proficiency and customer-oriented approach are unmatched.

Sales and installation service offered in the Laval, Montreal, Laurentides, North Shore and South Shore regions.

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