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Secure Black DL

Secure Black DL Stove Pipe by Security Chimneys: A Safe and Efficient Choice

Security Chimneys’ Secure Black double-wall (DL) stove pipe stands out as a superior option for all wood stove types. This stove pipe undergoes rigorous testing at temperatures up to 2,100°F and maintains a safe 6-inch clearance from combustible materials. Its remarkable performance is attributed to its innovative design—a double-wall stove connector designed with strategically positioned openings for maximum heat recovery from combustion gases.

A Tradition of Excellence at Security Chimneys

Since 1960, Security Chimneys has held a pioneering role in the ventilation industry and secured its position as a market leader in North America. The company is distinguished by its unwavering commitment to enhancing its product offerings and introducing innovative solutions. The Secure Black double-wall pipe exemplifies this dedication to top-tier engineering solutions.

Safe, Durable, and Highly Effective

The Secure Black DL pipe by Security Chimneys places safety at the forefront. It undergoes rigorous testing at 2,100°F while maintaining a 6-inch clearance from combustible materials, providing unmatched peace of mind for your customers. Its maximum continuous rating is 1,000°F, with resistance extending to 1,400°F in cases of short-term forced drafts, and it can endure testing at temperatures of up to 2,100°F for 30 minutes.

Ingenious Design for Optimal Efficiency

Internally, a corrosion-resistant stainless steel liner enhances protection for the exterior finish. Externally, the pipe features strategically positioned openings that maximize heat recovery from combustion gases. In fact, it closely approaches the efficiency of a single-wall black pipe.

Streamlined Installation

The Secure Black double-wall stove pipe can be safely installed with just a 6-inch clearance from combustible materials, offering exceptional installation flexibility. It is compatible with all stove types and is available in 6, 7, and 8-inch diameters. Furthermore, to simplify installation further, Security Chimneys offers a telescoping double-wall pipe that seamlessly integrates with your application, eliminating the need to calculate the required lengths or make any cuts.

Robust Warranty

Security Chimneys Ltd. provides a limited lifetime warranty for its Secure Black double-wall stove pipe, ensuring exceptional longevity for your investment.

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Available in Laval, Montréal, Saint-Sauveur, Gatineau, the Laurentians and in the Outaouais.

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