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Expert Air Circulation

Flexfit, Zero Clearance Variable speed WHISPER QUIET™ Operation

Designed to manage the airflow in your home, Napoleon’s series of air handlers are an excellent complement to your heating and cooling system. Air handlers do not heat or cool the air, but rather move it through a heat exchanger or air conditioning coils to add or remove heat to the indoor air. With multiple installation options, quiet operation and a neutral color, you won’t notice this air handler working to maintain a balanced and comfortable temperature in your home. The ECM variable speed blower motor accelerates and decelerates slowly, eliminating sudden bursts of air, maintaining a uniform temperature and nearly silent operation. The office is fully insulated, which helps to reduce operating noise. The air handler series offers flexible, zero-clearance installation options for use in closets and alcoves where space is at a premium.SPECIFICATIONS Efficiency rate:Up to 18 SEER Features:Variable speed Flexible installation options BTU range:24 000 BTU – 54 000 BTU

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