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Amantii Cast Iron Freestand Electric Fireplace


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Sizes: E-50, E-70

  • Real Cast Iron Construction. Available in two sizes – 50 cm and 70 cm
  • Choose from 11 colors of canopy and ember bed lighting to illuminate decorative media from below and above
  • WiFi is compatible to connect and control the fireplace from your smartphone with the use of our app. Available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store
  • Rated for indoor applications only
  • State of the art flame presentation:  Vibrant, multi-colored state of the art flame presentation – change from Yellow to Orange to Red with just a click of the remote.
  • Two Flame sets and canopy lighting in 13 color themes, create the illusion of a real fire
  • The flame effect can be used with or without heat
  • On-demand heat with two heat settings.
  • Thermostat and Hardwire Ready
  • Produces up to 5000 BTU of heat, enough to heat up 500 sq. ft
  • Lower heat vent, allows the heat to flow directly to floor level
  • Includes a multi-function remote
  • Fan Noise – 43db

A distinctly European-styled free-standing iron electric fireplace from  Sierra Flame by Amantii. This Fireplace features a beveled glass viewing area that gives an almost ‘see-thru’ effect on three sides. The fireplace has a cast iron top and sides.

With no installation boundaries, no need for mounting brackets or building into a wall, this free standing iron electric fireplace model can go in any room you like.

The Cast Iron Freestanding Electric Stove from Amantii is a stylish and practical heating solution for any home. Featuring a classic design with intricate detailing, this electric stove is crafted from high-quality cast iron to provide durability and long-lasting performance.

With its powerful heating element, the Cast Iron Freestanding Electric Stove is capable of quickly and efficiently heating up any room. The adjustable temperature and flame settings allow you to customize the ambiance to suit your preferences, while the realistic log set creates the cozy look and feel of a traditional wood stove without the hassle or mess.

The Cast Iron Freestanding Electric Stove is easy to install and requires no venting or gas lines, making it a versatile and cost-effective heating solution for any space. Whether you’re looking to add warmth to your living room, bedroom, or home office, the Cast Iron Freestanding Electric Stove from Amantii is the perfect choice.

The Freestand fits beautifully as Corner Electric Fireplace.


The Free Stand fireplace comes standard with a 10 piece realistic birch-like log set,  2 colors of fire glass, two bags of vermiculite in black and white colors.


Flame Presentation

Vibrant, multi-colored state-of-the-art flame presentation – change from Yellow to Orange to Red with just a click of the remote. Can all be done separately and mixed to make lots of combinations.

Ambient Canopy Lighting

Ambient canopy lighting illuminates media like never before. Cast a colorful glow over the supplied decorative media in the tray below. Cycle through a rainbow of 13 different colors. Blend flame colors with contrasting canopy lighting for a unique presentation – the combinations are limitless.


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