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Champlain Gas Stove by Hearthstone

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The Champlain will add a touch of classic style to your room.


Artfully balanced fire

The Champlain gas stove has been carefully designed to present a balanced, gently flickering fire on both low and high settings.

Simple operation

The Champlain 8304 maintains a standing pilot which will shut off after 7 days of inactivity. It can be run manually, with a standard or programmable thermostat, or with an optional remote control.

Efficient convective heat

The Champlain includes a cast iron heat exchanger above the fire. Natural convective airflow moves air through the vents of the stove to warm your room.

True Efficiency

HearthStone gas stoves are clean sources of heat. To make them truly efficient, all HearthStone gas stoves incorporate a cast iron heat exchanger. Air flows through the heat exchanger to circulate more heat from your stove into your home, not up your chimney.

Seamless Safety

Each window into the fire is protected by a nearly invisible screen that safely prevents small hands from touching the hot glass. Our protective screens are seamlessly integrated into each stove. They complete the design of the stove and disappear when the fire is burning.

Gas System

SIT Nova with 7 day timeout

This SIT 820 Nova system uses a standing pilot with a 7 day timeout. The pilot is lit at the beginning of the heating season and stays on to keep your chimney warm and ready to use. A standing pilot uses a minimal amount of gas and helps your stove start reliably in cold weather. This system is turns off automatically after 7 days of inactivity. You may connect it to a standard millivolt thermostat or programmable thermostat and let your stove turn on and off automatically as needed. Additionally, an optional thermostatic remote control is available.

Our Materials

Each HearthStone is handcrafted using a combination of precision-made components in cast iron, steel, ceramic, and various other materials. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that your product will serve you faithfully for years to come.


Blower: Optional

Burn Rate LP: 21,000-35,000 BTUs/hr

Burn Rate NG: 21,000-35,000 BTUs/hr

Burner: Pan Burner

Finish: Brown Enamel, Matte Black

Heats up to: 1,800 sq ft

Ignition System: SIT Nova

LP Conversion Kit: Included

Mobile Home Certified: Yes

Model: 8303

P.4. 1.09 Efficiency: 67.9 %

Remote: Optional

Steady State Efficiency: 74.6%

Stove Type: Direct Vent Gas Stove

Venting: 4″x6-5/8″ DV

Venting Location: 45°

Weight: 220 lbs


Convection Blower: 93-57020

Tstat Remote Control Kit: 90-56914


  • Side: 2″ (4″ with snorkel termination)
  • Rear: 3″
  • Corner: 4″

Floor Protection: Non-combustible surface or wood floor

Available Finish

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