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Creosote Remover Toss-In 3-Pack by Rutland

SKU: 97G


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RUTLAND Creosote Remover Toss-In Canisters are provided in an easy-to-use 3-pack box to prevent creosote buildup in chimneys. Just toss a canister into the fire once per week to turn sticky, tar-like creosote to brushable ash and prevent further buildup from occurring. No measuring and no mess. Canisters safely burn to ash in a fire.

The use of creosote remover does not eliminate the need for regular chimney cleaning. Safe for use in all chimneys and wood-burning appliances. For pellet stoves, use Rutland Pellet Stove Creosote Remover (#98P) or Rutland Liquid Creosote Remover (#97L) for best results.

  • Three 3 oz Toss-In Canisters
  • Indoor use only
  • Will not damage catalytic converters

Weight: 0.68 lbs

Dimensions: 7.5 × 2.25 × 2.25 in

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