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DIR Series Mural Air Conditioner by Direct Air

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Direct Air DIR Series

18 SEER Air Conditioner

Introducing the DIR Series 18 SEER Air Conditioner, a powerhouse of cooling comfort with advanced features including Quiet Mode, Auto Cleaning, and an LED display on the front panel, designed to elevate your indoor climate experience to a whole new level.

It’s time to elevate your environment. It’s time for Direct Air.


  • LED Display front Panel
  • LCD wireless Remote Control
  • Special Quiet Mode
  • Auto Cleaning


Energy-Efficient Compressor

Experience the perfect blend of performance and tranquility with the Direct Air M152L Series Heat Pump.


Enhanced Comfort with Horizontal Auto Swing Louver

Say goodbye to stagnant air and hello to optimized comfort as the louver swings silently, distributing air evenly and effectively throughout the room.

Whether you’re relaxing at home or working in your office, this innovative feature provides a seamless and enjoyable climate control experience, enhancing your overall satisfaction with our heat pump technology.


Quiet operation

The air is exhausted through a grille on top of the unit and is directed upwards, away from the surrounding vegetation.

The fan’s blade design ensures that it runs quietly, which you and your neighbors will appreciate.


Specifications and Models


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