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Heat Extreme Pro Multi-Zone Heat Pump by Direc Air

Direct Air Multi Zone Heat Pumps

A system that works smarter.


Direct Air’s Inverter technology for heat pumps provides versatile installation options for condos and commercial spaces. Alongside the well-loved wall-mounted unit, Direct Air offers four additional Inverter units with stylish designs: duct unit, wall console, 4-way cassette unit, and ceiling/floor console, catering to diverse heating and cooling requirements.


  • Automatic restart
  • Automatic defrosting
  • 24-hour timer
  • Wi-Fi & Compatible with Google/Alexa


Discover the Power of Comfort

Diverse Inverter Heat Pump Options for Condos and Commercial Spaces

The Direct Air heat pump selection with Inverter technology now offers more installation possibilities to meet the specific needs of condos or commercial premises. In addition to the popular wall-mounted unit, Direct Air also offers 4 other types of Inverter units with elegant and discreet designs that will meet your heating and cooling needs: duct unit, wall console, 4-way cassette unit, and ceiling/floor console.

Perfect Complements for Heat Xtreme Pro Series

Direct Air presents a range of versatile Inverter heat pumps tailored for condos and commercial spaces. These units, including wall-mounted, duct, wall console, 4-way cassette, and ceiling/floor console options, offer flexible installation solutions. Notably, they seamlessly integrate with both the DA25 series and the Heat Xtreme Pro series, ensuring comprehensive heating and cooling capabilities for diverse environments.


Specifications and Models



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