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Kit: Shower Faucet – Trim for Thermostatic 3-way diverter valve KIT-KAR163TS3TMB


• Trim compatible with 98TSR3 and 98TSR3PEX rough-ins
• Adjustable temperature limiting device
• 38°C temperature indicator on trim plate
• Temperature adjustable between 34° to 43°C
• 6 positions (OFF, A, A-B, B, B-C, C) indicator
on the cover plate
• Automatic flow shut off when cold water supply
is interrupted
• Separate flow and temperature control handles
• Sliding Bars:
– Drilling required installation
– 30” overall assembled sliding bar kit
• Hand Showers:
– Type of jets: spray
– Type of jets: steam
– Easy-to-clean soft nozzles
– 69” matte black PVC hose
– Maximum flow of 6.8 L/min (1.8 gpm) at 80 psi
• Shower Head:
– Swivel
– Oversized
– Type of jets: rain shower
– Easy-to-clean soft nozzles
– Maximum flow of 6.8 L/min (1.8 gpm) at 80 psi
• Shower Arm:
– 3” shower arm
• Solid brass wall supply elbow with adjustable flange


• Matte black


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