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Louisiana Grill 800 Black Label

Louisiana Grills’ Black Label series is a redefined flavor.

It reinvents the original Louisiana Series grill line by including designs
and high-end technology upgrades.
Enjoy a smart digital control panel with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability.
Everything you can do on your digital control panel can be done in the palm of your hand
of your hand using a smartphone and the Louisiana Grills app.
The Black Label series also takes a bold step into the future with a
and fully engineered exclusive exhaust system. Welcome to the upper echelon of the grill
reaching hotter grill temperatures at faster speeds than ever before.
The Black Label series offers a thoughtful and focused experience on
the grill that lets you control the luxury outdoor kitchen.

With a multitude of innovative side dishes, the 800 Black Label Grill is
the perfect grill to manage complete meals for 7 to 8 people.
It offers rugged versatility in family size. Between 809 square inches of space
a temperature range of 180° to 600° F and an 18 pound hopper,
The LG800BL goes beyond the predictable large grill.
It is also equipped with two fully functional programmable meat probes,
open and closed sliding plate grill lever for direct and indirect heat,
porcelain-covered cooking grids, circulation technology, and
fan-forced convection airflow, one-touch automatic grill ignition.
Automatic start-up and cooling.

-809 square inches
-18 pound hopper
-Temperature range 180° to 600°F
14-gauge heavy-duty steel construction
-high temperature black sand powder finish
-Solid steel folding front shelf
-Bottom shelf in solid steel
-Four lockable casters
Black nickel-plated stainless steel handles
-Bottom shelf in solid steel

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