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NT SERIES 14 SEER Central Air Conditioning by Napoleon

It’s not gray. This is CharCOOL.

Up to 14 SEER
1.5 to 5 ton

Proudly made in Ontario, Canada, the NT Series 14 SEER central air conditioner provides quiet, efficient cooling for your home on hot days. Specially designed swept fan blades ensure superior efficiency and reduce noise through quiet operation. To ensure quality and longevity, the fan blades are made of aluminum and the hub is made of steel. Longer-lasting, more compact condensing coils reduce the amount of refrigerant and extend the life of air conditioners. To further ensure sustainability, chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant is used, which does not contribute to ozone depletion and offers higher SEER ratings. The neutral gray color of the 14 SEER NT Series central air conditioner blends naturally with any décor. For those hot summer days, it’s the perfect eco-friendly choice for your home comfort needs.

Efficiency rate:

Up to 14 SEER

Air conditioning
BTU range:

18 800 BTU – 53 500 BTU

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