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PDS Proven Draft Switch



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The XTP Differential Pressure Sensor is an external pressure transducer that monitors pressure in the vertical common vent.

The transmitter uses a patented Si-Glas™ variable capacitance sensor. This MEMS sensor provides extraordinary sensitivity and long term stability. New digital compensation is accomplished using a highly reliable application specific integrated circuit (ASIC).

The transducer converts measured pressure into a corresponding voltage, which is then relayed to the control to modulate the damper position and/or fan speed – thus regulating pressure at the set-point.


  • Extremely durable
  • Compact design
  • NEMA 1 (IP20) enclosure
  • CE marked
  • RoHS Compliant


Power Supply12-36 VDC
AmperageLess than 20 mA
Output0-10 VDC
Operating Temperature0°F to 160°F (-18°C to 70°C)
Accuracy+/- 0.08%
Range of Operation0 to 0.6″WC / 0-150Pa
Warranty2-year Factory Warranty

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