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Rutland Wizard System® Professional Products stand up to the rugged demands of Chimney Sweeps! Using Our RUTLAND Prokleen® Steel Extension Rods with Torque Lock Connector (TLC) powerful Enough to remove soot and creosote from even hard Reach Chimney, Smoke Chamber, and duct areas thoroughly.

RUTLAND Prokleen® Steel Extension Rods with Torque Lock Connector (TLC) are 1/4″ diameter, available in four (4) lengths, and strong enough to handle the toughest chimney cleaning jobs. Use with RUTLAND Wizard System® tools for spinning.

Just push them together and the TLC connectors snap into place, securing the rods for proper cleaning. They will then unlock with an easy squeeze! This patented design transmits both power and strength without sacrificing ease of use. With a tongue and groove feature that eliminates the torque on the pushbutton, connecting is easy and secure even in the dark!

When used with a heavy-duty (minimum 5:4 Amp and 850 RPM), variable speed, reversible, 1/2″ electric power drill, TLC fittings ensure the connected tools can be rotated (spun) in either direction without separation.

Standard Features

  • Black
  • Available in four lengths: as starters in 2 in. and 10 in. lengths, or as extensions in 2.5 ft and 5 ft lengths.

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