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RSD Dilution Bolts by Enervex



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The RSD Dilution Bolts/Anti-vibration Dampers are used for applications where the flue gas temperature exceeds 575°F (300°C) or where vibration is an issue.

The RSD are designed to obtain a vibration-free installation as well as to let in dilution air for cooling of the flue gas where the flue gas temperature exceeds 250 °C (482 °F) in application such as solid fuel boilers for straw, wood, coal etc. Incorrect firing may result in problems with soot, chimney fires, etc. which might damage the product.

The dampers are fixed in the holes in the corners of the base plate, and the height is adjusted by means of the two nuts on the spacing screw. When the fan is mounted on RSDs, no mineral wool plate is required. The chimney fan must always be in operation during combustion.

Note: The fan capacity will be decreased with use of dilution bolts, so please contact the factory for any sizing assistance.

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