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Rutland Grapho-Glas® Gasket Spool by Rutland


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Using our Rutland Products you can Keep your Fire-Burning  Equipment operating at peak efficiency. Repair and maintain your fireplace, chimney, wood stove, or gas stove like the Rutland Grapho-Glas®Gasket Spools.

RUTLAND Grapho-Glas® Gasket Spools contain graphite impregnated, braided fiberglass gasketing engineered to provide superior sealing, protection, and longevity. Also resists abrasion, creosote and soot adhesion, and temperatures up to 1000°F. Used by major stove manufacturers and to replace worn-out gaskets in wood and coal stoves or fireplace inserts. Annual replacement of stove gaskets ensures a tight seal for maximum airtight operation and efficiency.

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