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Serie Entice Electric Fireplace by Napoleon

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Completely transform your space by hanging a Napoleon Entice Electric Fireplace. The Entice Series of Electric Fireplaces are a work of art. They easily hang on the wall and plug it in to create instant luxury. The sparkling glass ember bed reflects the beautiful flames; flames that can be refreshing blue, sunny orange, or something in between. Control mood and temperature easily with the included remote control. Protruding only five inches off the wall when hung, or install an Entice fully recessed, an Entice Electric Fireplace only adds luxury to your space. Ideal for anywhere a gas fireplace can’t go, the Entice Electric Fireplace easily adds shine and luxury to a space.


Fuel Type:


View Type:

Single Sided

Available Models:

36, 42, 50, 60 & 72
Entice Sizes Chart


  • Up to 5,000 BTUs and 1,465 Watts, Plugged in 120v
  • Large Viewing Area – Nearly Frameless
  • 10 Flame Colour Options
  • Can be Fully Recessed, Partially Recessed or Hung on the Wall
  • 10 LED Ember Bed Colour Options
  • Two Optional Log Sets
  • Cycle and Fade Light Modes
  • Included Crystal Media
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Included Remote Control
  • Can Operate without Heat
  • Thermostatic Control


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