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Tempest Lantern by Fire Garden

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The Tempest Outdoor Gas Lanterns are dramatic decorative outdoor lighting that break the barriers of standard gas torch design.

The Tempest Outdoor Gas Lanterns’ patented tempered glass housing design features an enchanting, dancing spiral of flame, creating and unforgettable and captivating visual experience.

Beyond its groundbreaking design, the Tempest Lanterns’ practicality and usability are just as impressive. The four-sided, open-air housing is designed to prevent the flame from going out during high winds or rainfall, but includes an automatic gas safety shutoff valve, should the flame ever go out. Choose the model that works best for you: the Manual Piezo ignition or the all-weather 24V AC Hot Shot™ electronic ignition system – the most robust and reliable ignition system offered in the industry.

The family of Tempest Torches and Lanterns offer numerous display options for a personalized look: short or tall post versions, wall mounted, without a base for those wanting to construct something unique or utilize an existing feature. With all of these options available, fitting the Tempest into your yard for landscape or general outdoor lighting is simple and easy.


  • Two Sizes: The 20K Tempest Lantern™ or the 50K Tempest Lantern which is 40% Larger.
  • Available in an all-weather 24V AC Hot Shot™ electronic ignition system or Manual Piezo Ignition (20 K models only), either in Natural Gas or Propane.
  • Can be installed in four different ways: Ground Post, Deck Post, Pillar Mount, or Wall Mount.
  • Has an automatic gas shutof as an added safety feature.
  • Durable high temperature black powder coated frame & cap
  • 20K Lantern Maximum BTU Input: 20,000 (NG/LP)
  • 50K Lantern Maximum BTU Input: 50,000 (NG), 45,000 (LP)

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