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Nowa 360 Water Leak Detector

The NOWA 360 system is always in operation. Whether a water leak occurs now or in 10 years, it will be quickly controlled.
Rest assured.


  • The brain of the team
  • The NOWA 360 wireless control panel is designed to prevent water damage by activating the electric valve upon detection of a water leak.
  • Keyboard with integrated LED indicators
  • Dynamic contextual keys
  • Voice-assisted menu
  • Wireless access; notifications and remote control
  • Internal backup battery for power outages
  • Optional cellular network communication (LTE)
  • 2 year warranty

Its great precision, the secret of its speed
With 4 closely spaced contact points and a clearance of only 0.4 mm (0.015 in.) between the sensor and the floor, the NOWA 360 sensor can detect liquid as small as the damage of a glass of water.

64 zones. A single control panel can manage up to 64 different NOWA 360 detectors.

A signal without interference
319.5 MHz No interference
NOWA uses an encrypted and secure communication protocol. This radio frequency system is proven and already used in over five million systems. The use of low frequencies ensures a constant signal free of interference.

The powerful signal linking the detectors to the control panel covers an area of 5,000 square feet.

Fast closing every time
Every second that passes between the start and end of the water leak reduces the amount of damage. Connected directly to the control panel by wire, the electric valve reacts immediately and at all times. And in the event of a power outage, the system continues to function thanks to its built-in battery backup.

Stopped immediately. Notified without delay.
NOWA 360 notifies you immediately by notification or e-mail that a leak has been checked. The exact time and location of the leak is known. You intervene directly at the right place to correct the source of the problem, without having to waste time locating the leak.

Stay in control, wherever you are.
Are you away from home and forgot to turn off the main water inlet? With the NOWA 360 app, you control the closing and opening of the main valve remotely. Turn off the water as needed, then turn it back on when you return.

Clean interface. Easy to install. Pleasant to use. The application simplifies your life and gives you control at your fingertips. It is available for free for iOS and Android systems.

Always put to the test. Always ready!
The system generates regular routine self-tests by itself. This way, the valve, and all sensors, without exception, are operational when it really counts.

The control panel calls the detectors to check if they are present. The second one of the detectors goes missing, you are notified, with the precise identification of the offending detector.

The control panel commands the electric valve to make one complete turn of the ball. This simple rotation keeps the valve free of accumulated deposits and extends the life of the valve to over 100 years of use.

The system notifies you that a battery is low before it fails. The built-in high-performance lithium batteries offer a 10-year life span, a standard rarely equaled.

Detection of localized frost
The integrated sensor of the NOWA 360 sensor tightens the monitoring of frost zones wherever you want. You are notified of a risk of freezing as soon as the ambient temperature drops below 5°C (41°F).

Extended detection
The mini and perimeter detectors increase the detection area in certain difficult areas. You can, among other things, cover the entire circumference of a water heater in close detection.

Only water, not humidity
The contact poles detect water, not the normal humidity variations in a home or commercial building. You don’t have to deal with unnecessary valve closure.

Anti-oxidation protection
The gold plating prevents oxidation of the contact poles. Water detection remains as effective as ever, even after several years in a particularly humid area of the building.

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