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Wood burning fireplaces


Selection and installation of wood fireplaces

Today, with the new EPA environmental standards and the fact that fireplaces are slow burning, you can expect to have a significant heat source with a wood burning fireplace. If the primary purpose of having a wood-burning fireplace is to use it as a primary heating source, you should consult a specialist before purchasing it. In addition to environmental standards, there are several options available to you: the model of wood fireplace, the heating surface according to your climatic zone, the dimensions of the combustion chamber, and accessibility.

Your reference in wood fireplaces

More than 5,000 successful installations position us as your trusted source for fireplaces, and wood fireplaces are no exception. Whether it is a question of harmonizing your home with your decor, your architecture, your climatic needs, or your environmental requirements, we will be able to accompany you to ensure the success of your project. The result? The wood fireplace of your dreams.