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Built-In Serie 700 Gas Dual Range Top burner by Napoleon


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Create sides and sauces while the main grill is in use with this 12-inch, drop-in, Range Burner. Instantly ignite these burners single-handed with the JETFIRE™ Ignition System. The large, ergonomic control knobs with SafetyGlow provide ambiance and safety, glowing a glorious blue that changes to red when the burners are in use. Made from the same quality of premium stainless steel as the 700 Series built-in grills, this drop-in side burner matches your custom outdoor kitchen. These burners provide stylish longevity and were built for ease of install. The power supply kit N370-1091-SER is required for all Built-in 700 Series burners being used in an application without a Built-in 700 Series Built-in Grill in order to supply power for the control knobs.



  • Two burners provide extra space to create sauces and side dishes while using the main BBQ Grill
  • Premium stainless steel construction ensures a long life
  • Powered by easy to use natural gas, no changing of tanks required
  • Ignite this burner instantly with the failsafe, battery free ignition.
  • This drop-in burners are separate from the BBQ Grill cooks with the lid down
  • Seamless trim provides versatile and flawless installation
  • The ergonomic control knob is backlit to provide ambiance and safety, glowing a glorious blue that changes to red when the burners are in use
  • This 12-inch (30.48 cm) dual range style burner is the perfect size to boil large pots of water or create small side dishes and sauces


WARRANTYLifetime Bumper to Bumper*
FUEL TYPENatural Gas and Propane
HEAT OUTPUT30,000 BTU (10 kW)
MAIN COOKING AREA11.75 x 18 in (30 x 46 cm)  |  12 burgers
TOTAL COOKING AREA211.50 (1,380 cm²)
HEIGHT11.40 in (28.96 cm)
WIDTH15.50 in (39.37 cm)
DEPTH24.60 in (62.48 cm)
PACKAGING HEIGHT17.75 in (45.09 cm)
PACKAGING WIDTH22.75 in (57.79 cm)
PACKAGING DEPTH36 in (91.44 cm)
PACKAGING WEIGHT62 lbs. (28.12 kg)

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