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Modulating Fan & Damper Controller by Envervex


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The ADC150 is a Modulating Fan and Damper Control used with gas fireplaces where it monitors and maintains a constant draft in a chimney. It is used with model RS fans.

It monitors the draft in a chimney system via a connection to a pressure transducer (XTP) attached to the chimney, and maintains the draft by modulating the fan speed.


  • 0-10VDC control signal for EDrive and 10-120VAC for variable speed
  • Integrated safety system with adjustable shut down time
  • Integrated damper relay that works with an EcoDamper.
  • End-switches in an EcoDamper actuator can be wired to the ADC150
  • Post purge function (180 sec) to evacuate residual flue gases after fireplace shuts down. 


Power Supply1 x 120VAC
Control ModeContinuous or Intermittent
Control Signals0-10 VAC (for VFD) and 120/240 VAC (for direct connect)
Range Of Operation0-0.6 inWC / 0-150 Pa
Tolerance0.01 inW (3 Pa) +/- 10%
Output10-120VAC / 0-10VDC
Control Relays(6) Max 120VAC/8A
EMC StandardEmission: EN50 081-1, Immunity: EN50 081-2
Insulation ClassNEMA 1 (IP 20)
Warranty2-Year Factory Warranty
Listing CertificationUL508/UL 60947, Standard for Industrial Control Panels
CSA C22.2 No. 14-95, Standard for Industrial Control Equipment

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