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RUMFORD 1500 Wood Fireplace by Renaissance Fireplaces


The Renaissance Rumford™ model was the world’s first certified open-door clean-burning fireplace. The design is taken from a true Rumford fireplace, making it much taller than a traditional fireplace. The shape of a Rumford fireplace is renowned for an unparalleled level of performance. Our patented Rumford design has taken the traditional elements of a Rumford fireplace to the next level thanks to custom engineering, precision manufacturing, and quality materials.


The Renaissance Rumford™ model is the only fireplace in history to win an award from the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It has also earned itself design awards from the International Interior Design Expo (IIDEX) and its patented design has received innovation awards from the fireplace industry (Vesta).


True Rumford fireplaces have a very specific shape. Features include a shallow firebox, angled sides, and a curved throat. The curved throat section of the Rumford model creates laminar airflow into the chimney flue and reduces air turbulence in the firebox. The results are a strong draft, easy lighting, and no smoke in the home.


The fire in a Renaissance Rumford fireplace lights faster and burns brighter than a traditional masonry fireplace.

Note: The installation manual should always be used for the precise planning and accurate installation of your fireplace.

Outside Dimensions59⅛”W X 87¾”H X 32½”D
Firebox Dimensions35½”W front X 21¾”W back X 12¾” deep
Shipping weight851 lbs
Firewood Length

24” maximum

The shape of the Rumford firebox is not square, therefore depending upon where and how you place your logs, different sized pieces may fit. Laid flat, 20″ logs will fit nicely at the front of the firebox, but only 13″ logs will fit at the back. Stacked in.


Qualified as per test protocol ASTM 2558 “Standard test method for determining particulate matter emissions from fires in low mass wood-burning fireplaces”.  The Rumford 1500 can be sold in Canada and the USA since it is not regulated as per the rule definition of “fireplace” under Subpart AAA of the 2015 EPA Standards of Performance for New Residential Wood Heaters Vol. 80, No. 50.

Emissions w/ Door Open3.40 grams/kilogram
Emissions w/ Door Closed0.68 grams/kilogram
Glass Size1450 in2
Guillotine DoorCeramic Glass
FirescreenGuillotine Design
AndironsCast Iron
Ash PanNot Available
Chimney12″ RIS (12′ minimum)
Gas Log Provision


These fireplaces have an access panel to accept an aftermarket gas log assembly. You may not instal a gas lighter in any Renaissance fireplace because the high firebox temperatures will burn out the log lighter very quickly.

Outside Air

4″, meets R2000

All Renaissance FireplacesTM come equipped to accept a 4″ outside air duct, depending upon the length. A 5″ duct can also be used.

Mobile Home ApprovedNO
Touch-up PaintStove Bright Metallic Black
Minimum Ceiling Height8′
PatentUS Patent 8479723 / CAN Patent 2655385

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